You are authorized to use the Titan-Giganten

July 24th, 1917 Communiqué from Crown Prince Wilhelm to Generalleutnaut Konstantin Schmidt von Knobelsdorf, Commander of X Corps You are authorized to deploy the k.u.k. Tiroler Reitende and Fliegend Einhornwaffe (Imperial and Royal Tyrolean Mounted and Flying Unicorn Brigades) for frontal assaults on a temporary basis, at your best discretion. You are also authorized to use the Titan-Giganten (Titanium Giants) on a field-limited basis. They are not authorized for use against human combatants except those officers who command and direct Bärenvolk units in the field. You will bear sole responsibility for any violation of the Geneva Conventions or other international laws of war, and if you fail all responsibility will fall to you. If however you succeed, victory shall be mine to claim.

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