Submission Guidelines

Genius Obscura Welcome to Genius Obscura, a newsletter that highlights writers of absurd, experimental, strange, or satirical fiction. Within that niche, authors might consider their work to be a blend of numerous genres: fantasy, horror, sci-fi, historical, literary, humor—or something else entirely. If you’re a storyteller who has difficulty categorizing your fiction, we want to hear from you. Just like you, Genius Obscura aims to do something different. There are many blogs and zines dedicated to reviewing authors’ work; their focus is ultimately on evaluation based on personal taste. Through interviews, author biographies, guest posts, and excerpts from completed and unfinished works, Genius Obscura seeks to know what is unique about you and what inspires you as a writer. Genius is not a quality that is limited to a select few people. We all possess a hidden genius. Let’s discover and celebrate the qualities that lead to the creation of strange, bizarre, haunting, visionary fiction. Join the community by subscribing. We welcome your submissions, your participation, and your feedback. Please see below for submission guidelines. Thank you.

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