Save us! My God, it is the Bärenvolk!

June 8th, 1917 Diary of Infanterist (Private) Kurt Huber, 27th Royal Bavarian Infantry, age 16. Battle of St. Elois—Oosttraverne, Flanders, Belgium. Also known to the Germans as, “The First Battle of the Bärenvolk [Bear People].” I am writing from Camp Dorchester in a place called Dorset, England. I was transported here yesterday after I was taken prisoner when my unit was overrun by a regiment of Bärenvolk. I was told this was the first time a large unit of Bärenvolk infantry fought against us. They said it was the 2nd Olympian Saysquack Brigade. They come from a place in the Americas called “Olympus” and it makes sense, for the devils fought like gods against us, and I feel secure knowing at least, that we gave our all.

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